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Monthly Budget Planner



I am delighted to still offer my original Budget Planning Pack – available to Download for you to Print at Home. I have designed my Budget Planner to be undated – meaning you can re-print each month as you need! No additional cost to you each month – more money to Savings!

Each Download will have 4 Budget Planning Tools to help you each month:
– Monthly View
– Monthly Budget Planner
– Monthly Spend Tracker
– Monthly Recap

Monthly View
The Undated Monthly View allows you to record pay days, bill due dates; as well as any big expenses or occasions happening that month. The Monthly View can be used throughout the month to help you see what is coming up that may require you to spend money, or alternatively save or make money!

Monthly Budget Planner
The Budget Planner is all about you having knowledge and control over where your money is going. You track Income – the amount that you are planning on receiving (Budget) and the amount you do actually receive (Actual). The Bills section allows you to track the guaranteed Monthly Bills – housing costs, electricity, phone plan etc. The Expenses section is for recording your planned Monthly Expenses such as Food Shopping, Clothing Allowance, Fuel for the car etc. In the Loans & Debts and Saving sections, you can record the amount of money you plan to send to each. The Totals section allows you to calculate and compare all that is coming in against all that is going out.

Monthly Spend Tracker
The Spend Tracker is to help you keep track of any spending that is not planned and not already covered in your budget. By tracking these additional purchases, we are able to have a very clear understanding of where our money is going to each month. It’s wise to review this every couple of days so that nothing is forgotten.

Monthly Recap
The Monthly Recap is to be used at the end of the month and will allow you to reflect on how things went for you over the month. It gives us an opportunity to continue with good habits or make changes to improve in other areas. I’ve also included a section to show the total amounts that you have paid towards Debt and Savings during that month – it really helps to track this progress to be proud of what you have achieved. There’s also a section to track any ideas for the coming month – it might be some side hustle ideas, a revised grocery budget or a new short term goal.

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