Thursday Throwbacks- The Debs

This week for Thursday Throwbacks we are looking at the pinnacle of every secondary school student’s final year – The Debs!
The Irish Debs was such a major night for us all – for many of us, it was our first big formal event without our parents. We were dressed to the nines, having a few drinks and a nice meal with school friends we hadn’t seen since the Leaving Cert exams.
👗Who will I ask….Will he ask me….
👗Will anyone else have my dress…
👗What way will I do my hair…
👗Pre-Drinks and awkward photos with the family, and sometimes the neighbours…
👗Trying to gather everyone at the school for the group photo…
👗Toss-up between the luxury limo or the craic on the bus…
👗Who had too many Bacardi Breezers before the meal was even served…
👗Did they come together…
👗Wearing the tux jacket for the trip home…
👗Who’s staying up for breakfast…
👗Sharing the bus ride home with “adults” going to work…
👗Going to get the photos developed after a few hours’ sleep…
Let me know what memories I’ve missed!!

Thursday Throwbacks – 90’s Teen Magazines

Today’s Thursday Throwback we’re looking at 90’s Teen Magazines!! Back in the day, we had no Internet or social media to find out what our favourite celebs were up to. We bought our favourite magazines to catch up on the latest from Robbie Williams or to learn how to catch the eye of that boy from down the road!!!

It’s no wonder at all where all my pocket money went – I had to find the best posters for my wall and the best stickers for my pencil case! Have a trip down memory lane and enjoy these covers from…

Smash Hits






Just Seventeen

Live and Kicking

Let me know which was your favourite! Or have I missed one that you used to love?

Thursday Throwbacks – Bank Savings

This week for Thursday Throwbacks we’re going to take a look at Bank Savings. No, not throwing back to a time when we’d actually earn interest on our savings…! But looking at some of the novel ways we used to save with the banks in the 80’s and 90’s! Hopefully you find something familiar in here, but let me know if I’ve missed yours!


AIB Banklink

The little plastic card that came with this box may just be the reason my entire career has been with the Credit Card industry!


Ulster Bank Henry Hippo

This proud little guy held all our 20p pieces, and maybe even a rare £1 coin!


An Post Cyril the Squirrel

The absolute joy when you got close to completing a full card. Standing in the line in the post office to buy the stamp was such a thrill!


First Active Hive

I don’t personally remember having this one, but a friend showed me theirs in later years in all its yellow glory!



I came across this one on a work visit to a BOI office – I believe it was given out in the early 80’s. A wise owl to store your treasure!


Cork Savings Bank Crow

I don’t quite know what to say about this one. Do any of my Cork followers remember this one?!


Have you memories of other money boxes or saving schemes from your youth? My personal favourite saving scheme was the SSIA! Still hoping they bring that one back some day 😁

Thursday Throwbacks – Hair Products

Thursday Throwbacks are all about fun!! It’s taking a little trip down memory lane. Just like looking at old photos, we are transported back to a different time – a memory is jogged and it can bring a few moments of joy. So that’s what I want to do with this Thursday Throwbacks series.

This week for Thursday Throwbacks we are looking at Hair products!! Simply because I was thinking about this lately – the absolute hardship we went through to get rid of the kink or get the front bits straight!!!

Babyliss Straight and Shine
This was long before any GHD came on the market! You filled a compartment with water and the steam just flew out of the plastic plates – with combs on the side that used to catch and pull every single stray hair…ouch!

Braun Curler
This was out even before the Babyliss bad boy! It took gas cannisters and came with a curling iron and a brush attachment. I used to borrow this one to (very stylishly) straighten the thinnest 2 pieces of hair at the front that were left out of the scraped back ponytail!!!

The Iron
I couldn’t do a throwback on Hair tools without mentioning my old pal – the iron. I used to have my own iron in my room at home specifically for straightening my hair. No brown paper or protecting my hair – just ironed away and hoped for a low number of neck burns…

Sun-In promised us summer hair – natural sun-kissed highlights. Yet to be confirmed if it ever delivered on these claims! Sunny day in Ireland – out came the Sun-In spray along with the baby oil! I still remember the smell – as I desperately sprayed it on my black/brown hair hoping for the best!

Zig Zag Hair Band
There came a time in the late 90’s when hair bands just weren’t cutting it – maximum hair reefing off the face needed to be achieved and the zig zag hair band was just the man for the job. I need to confess, right here and now, that I still have AND use a zig zag hair band that gives me poolside goals on every sun holiday (remember them?!) for the past 20 years! Frugal, retro and stylish – the holy trinity!

Let me know your retro Hair products! I’ll share them on Instagram so we can all have some nice flashbacks!