Thanksgiving Gratitude

Imagine how happy you’d be if…: 

  • You had a warm home to sleep in every night 
  • You could afford to put food on your table every day 
  • You had people who loved you and cared for you 
  • You had access to online learning in the palm of your hand 
  • You were able to enjoy some luxury items like TV, nights out and new clothes 

Oh what? You have all of those things, and more? Thankfully, most of us have a nice quality of life. We can sleep in our comfortable warm beds, after a nice hearty meal, have people we can talk to when we need it and plenty of other useful things in our lives.  

Though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Ireland, it’s a perfect opportunity to take notice of all that we have and be thankful for it. Maybe we’re struggling with our finances, maybe we’ve more credit card debt than we like or the mortgage payments are on the high side. For anybody that’s starting on a journey to become debt free or just get on top of their financial situation, we very often focus on the negative things. We wished we didn’t over spend, we wished we made better choices, we wished we’d been better at saving.  

But let’s take some time today to be thankful of all of the little things that we take for granted every day. Look around at all that you have, all of the people that you spend time with, all of the beautiful items in your home that you treasure, all of the advances in the world that have made our lives easier. Let’s be thankful for what we have. 

Let’s Extend Self-Care to Our Possessions

A few days ago I was paying for something in a shop, and as I approached the till my partner and I both noticed that there was a handbag sitting on the counter. It was a very expensive designer handbag; open, with what appeared to be a large amount of cash simply sitting on top. The customer in front of us was a man with a young boy and it didn’t belong to him. The lady at the till had no recollection of who may had left it there. We handed it over and a supervisor came to check for identification so she could make an announcement . We can only assume that the owner eventually realised that they were without their bag, and returned to retrieve it. But it got me thinking… 

Do we value everything we own? Do we treat our valuables, and our hard earned money, with the care that we should? We are encouraged, and rightly so, to keep self-care as a priority – but are we also extending this self-care to items that we own? I put together a quick list of 10 ways we could extend our self-care principles to our possessions. Indeed, for those who may find it difficult to start on a self-care journey, starting with taking care of the things you own can put you in the right frame of mind. Not to mention the cost savings – if we take care of what we own, we buy less and eventually we learn to own less too. 

🚗 Keep your car clean, tidy and regularly maintained, check your tyres, oil and water 

👖 Store your clothes properly, don’t throw them in a pile (guilty), wash them according to labels, mend as required 

👠 Don’t chuck shoes on top of each other, store them neatly, wash trainers, buff leather 

👜 Keep your handbag organised, free from clutter and don’t leave money loose inside (and don’t leave it behind you in the shop!) 

🛌 Protect your furniture, rotate kitchen chairs, flip cushions & mattresses, use protective ‘feet’ to save your floors 

🏡 Keep on top of house maintenance, don’t let anything fall into disrepair – it will be more economical in the long run 

🍴 Protect your oven, clean it regularly and use a non-stick sheet on the bottom to catch any food 

🔌 Try to fix things when possible – see if you can repair the kettle/zip/lamp before they end up in the bin 

📱 Mind your electronics, invest in a good phone case, ensure you store and carry your laptop correctly, allow your batteries to run down every now and then to help the longevity 

📂 Keep important documents together, have a stationery drawer, keep birthday supplies together – when everything has a place; you save time and you save money