Wellbeing Wednesday – Fitness

This week for Wellbeing Wednesday, I have been more than inspired to talk about Fitness. This week C from @financially_fit_and_healthy shared a post about her non-scale victories. For those not following along (yet!), C is walking her way to health and bringing us all along on the journey!

In this post, she talked about things like more energy, sleeping better and one of my personal faves; less snoring! It was the post I needed to see…and then as if by magic yesterday she shared a post saying ‘My hope is that someone sees my page and decides not to give up.’ Well C, I see it and I’m IN!

I have never been a gym bunny – more akin to a gym sloth! But over the years I’ve maintained a moderate level of fitness – mostly through walking and eating carefully. But in the last few years all I have been doing is going through phases of being fit & healthy – it comes in spurts and goes just as quick.

I’ve tried all the fad diets, spent a nice bit of money on them too – along with gym membership etc. But now I feel like I’m ready to take on my fitness and diet in the same manner as I’ve tackled my money management.

I’ll track my walking, active hours and water intake. I’ll plan healthy meals and make better snack choices. I’ll explore free activities like skipping and at home classes. I’ll check in regularly with weight, measurements and my health. I’ll focus on my end goal to keep me motivated.

Just like paying off debt, I’ll have to understand that changes won’t happen overnight. But I feel I’m now in a place where I can give this a great go.

I’ll share some bits & pieces on here as I go. So thank you C – there may be a large ocean between us, but you have somehow managed to tap into my brain and get me motivated to address this once and for all!!

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