Choose-Day Tuesday – Own Brand

This week on Choose-Day Tuesday we are talking about Own Brand products.

I was chatting to someone recently and I was saying that almost 90% of what we buy in the supermarket is own brand. I think I’m so absorbed in this amazing Irish Debt Free Community, because the reaction was not what I expected! It was less ‘wow go you’ and more ‘should we set up a gofund me page for you’ 

Coffee, teabags, pasta, passata, mayo, ketchup, crisps, jellies, rice, crackers, milk, toilet roll, washing powder, washing up liquid….the list goes on – we have made so many switches to own brand products and saved a small fortune along the way. I switch to own brand where it makes sense – we need to like it and there needs to be a saving.

What’s in your trolley? Are you mostly own brand?

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