Monday Meals – Paella

This week for Monday Meals we’ll take a look at a quick and easy Paella recipe. I love Paella as you can use it a great way to throw in extra veg, leftover meat or fish and you can feed a large group for very few ingredients. I have in the past followed some very expensive recipes, but this one is just as tasty and you don’t need to buy expensive saffron!

Ingredients (adjust quantities depending on how many will be eating)

– Chicken
– Chorizo
– Prawns (if you like, most times I do without)
– Paella Rice
– Onion
– Red Pepper
– Frozen Peas
– Passata
– Sugar
– Chicken Stock
– Paprika
You can use leftover chicken for this too – just pop in before you add the stock.
Also, if you can’t find Paella rice, Arborio is a good substitute that may be more easily available.

1. Fry your cubed Chicken & Chorizo
2. Add your chopped Onion to the pan and sauté
3. Then add your chopped Red Pepper
4. Add in a nice handful of Frozen Peas
5. Add your Rice
6. Add Passata, along with a small bit of Sugar
7. Cover with Chicken Stock
8. Add Paprika – I use both smoked and normal
9. Give it all a nice stir and then let it bubble away
10. Try to resist stirring too often
11. When the liquid has evaporated, and your rice is al dente, you’re good to go!

(If you’re adding Prawns, I add them a few minutes before serving)
*Pic is from my last Paella in Spain…just to bring some sunny joy!

Enjoy this and let me know if you try it! What do you like in a Paella? Have you any tips?

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