Wellbeing Wednesday – Walking

For today’s Wellbeing Wednesday, I’m talking about walking. Walking is free, accessible and healthy for body and mind. And free! Did I mention that?!

We are so lucky in Ireland – we have the most beautiful places to walk. Places we can feel safe and where we can immerse ourself in nature.

Today I walked to the top of a mountain and to the bottom of a cave. I breathed the freshest of air. There was no pandemic, no social media, no work and zero hustle or bustle.

Of course you don’t have to climb a mountain every day! But 30 minutes walk, at your own pace, every day can make the world of difference to your health, your mood and your mind. Plus…did I mention it’s free?!

I sometimes find it hard to find the motivation, especially on the colder days. I remind myself how good I’ll feel when its done and I find if I’m tracking my steps, I’m more inclined to head on out. What do you do to motivate yourself to head out for a walk?

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