Choose-Day Tuesday – Phone Plan

For this week’s Choose-Day Tuesday I’m looking back to the time I saved €624 a year by switching my mobile phone plan!

Like so many of us I used to be in a cycle of taking out long contracts with providers so I could get the latest and greatest phone. Last year I was counting down the days until I could finally get out of contract and bid a fond farewell to Vodafone and an even fonder farewell to paying €60 a month!

I did my research on the best plan for my area and, lo and behold, it was the cheapest plan too!

I went with – at the time it was €7.99 a month for 100GB and Unlimited Calls & Texts. It is now €10.99 a month. They operate off the Three network, and offer all sorts of nice things like sharing data with friends or gifting a month’s plan to a pal.

I signed up on their site, the SIM arrived within a few days – in a compostable pack 👌 They offer 1GB free without you having to pay a penny – to check out the 4G coverage and check it all works.

My number ported really quickly and the service is great. I haven’t had one issue with it and the coverage is superb. They also offer a great referral scheme – link is in my bio if you’re looking to switch; we each get a month free!

I’m absolutely delighted with my switch – annoyed that I’ve paid so much money to Vodafone over the years, with a regrettable reluctance to change. My new yearly bill will be €96 – for a better plan too! Have you changed phone plans and saved a fortune too? Let me know!

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