Thursday Throwbacks – Bank Savings

This week for Thursday Throwbacks we’re going to take a look at Bank Savings. No, not throwing back to a time when we’d actually earn interest on our savings…! But looking at some of the novel ways we used to save with the banks in the 80’s and 90’s! Hopefully you find something familiar in here, but let me know if I’ve missed yours!


AIB Banklink

The little plastic card that came with this box may just be the reason my entire career has been with the Credit Card industry!


Ulster Bank Henry Hippo

This proud little guy held all our 20p pieces, and maybe even a rare £1 coin!


An Post Cyril the Squirrel

The absolute joy when you got close to completing a full card. Standing in the line in the post office to buy the stamp was such a thrill!


First Active Hive

I don’t personally remember having this one, but a friend showed me theirs in later years in all its yellow glory!



I came across this one on a work visit to a BOI office – I believe it was given out in the early 80’s. A wise owl to store your treasure!


Cork Savings Bank Crow

I don’t quite know what to say about this one. Do any of my Cork followers remember this one?!


Have you memories of other money boxes or saving schemes from your youth? My personal favourite saving scheme was the SSIA! Still hoping they bring that one back some day 😁

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