Wellbeing Wednesday – Housework

Today for Wellbeing Wednesday I’m talking about Housework. I am not a naturally tidy person – anyone who has (and currently!) lives with me will attest to that. Years of “tidy that pigsty” growing up, didn’t help me change my ways. I find that keeping the house clean is a really big effort for me that I have been leaving for one day a week at the weekend – which is a real nuisance. Trying to get everything done all at once when I’d much rather be doing something else…anything else!

But for those few days when everything is perfectly clean and tidy, I feel so calm, relaxed and on top of things. It really does contribute to my wellbeing. Just like money management, it wasn’t a natural habit to be good with money and I needed to change that. I’ve now made the decision that I need to learn new habits about keeping on top of the housework and I think I’ve found just the solution that will work for me.

I came across a few mentions of ‘The Organised Mum Method’, and thinking it wouldn’t be relevant to a “non-Mum” had never looked into it. Well one day curiosity got the better of me and I checked out @the_organised_mum page and struck gold! There on her site was my solution – an easy to follow method where I do a small bit each day and potentially have my weekends free.

The method has the same small jobs to do every day such as sweeping and making beds. Monday to Thursday is devoted to a room (or rooms depending on the size of your house) to cover everything from the kitchen to the bedrooms. Then Friday focuses on an 8 week cycle of various bigger jobs. There’s also a ‘Bootcamp’ to start off with.

All the details are available in the free printables from The Organised Mum site. I printed mine off, laminated them and have them stuck on the inside of my pantry door – you’ll see that in the pic if you swipe.

So far I find this method great and think it’s going to help me develop better habits. To borrow some May Manifesting from Ruth over at @mrs.hawkins.house – “I will be enjoying the wellness associated with a tidy house and I will be a person who keeps on top of it daily” 😊

How about you? Do you have any housework methods that work great for you?

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