Monday Meals – Coddle

On Monday Meals we’ll take a look at meal ideas – mostly simply with basic ingredients. Where relevant, I’ll suggest leftover ideas so we have no waste. Hope you enjoy this new series!

This Monday I’ve chosen a Dublin favourite – Coddle. The history books tell us that Coddle would have been known as ‘city food for the working class’, traditionally made on a Thursday evening to use up all the meat before the Friday fish. Though I’m from Dublin, I only tasted Coddle in later life and now love it as a good hearty meal on a cold day! My sister told me how she makes it a few months back so all credit on this one to her!

Ingredients (for 4 servings):
-12 Sausages; I like to chop them in quarters
-Piece of Ham or Bacon; cut in cubes (cooking ham or gammon steaks are particularly budget friendly for this one)
-4 Carrots; chopped
-2 Onions; chopped
-4 large Potatoes; peeled and quartered
-Parsley, Thyme & Rosemary; teaspoon of each
-1 cup of Pearl Barley; this is optional, but adds something lovely

This is a one pot meal, so choose a nice big pot!

1. On a high heat, brown the sausages just a little
2. Add the cubed ham
3. Add the chopped onions
4. Add the chopped carrots
5. Add the parsley, thyme & rosemary
6. Add the pearl barley
7. Give the ingredients a nice stir and cover with water
8. Bring to the boil and as it starts to boil, add the potatoes
9. Boil away for about 20 minutes or until your potatoes are just done

Serve in bowls, delicious with some nice soda bread! Pint of Guinness optional 😉 Also delicious if you mash up the potatoes in your bowl – but that’s my childish side!

This is a great one to cook ahead of time and heat up when needed, you can even leave out the potatoes and just cook them when needed. I almost prefer the leftovers the next day!

Let me know if you try it, or if you’ve never even heard of it and think I’m mad for boiling sausages! Or if you’re a coddle fan, and add anything different, let me know too!

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