November Calling!

New Month with New Opportunities calling!! Are you going to answer?!
November brings us 30 days of opportunities, to do with as we wish! I’ve always liked November – for me its about cozy clothes, wrapping up for walks, nights in front of the fire and usually involves spending more time at home! This year of course has provided that ‘time at home’ opportunity in abundance!! But November can still be unique, and I want to enjoy every day.
I’ll share my Goals for November a little later on, but I wanted to share a few ideas for November…
*Commit to getting a little exercise every day
*Watch that film (or movie if you’re that way inclined!) you’ve always wanted to
*Read a book that a good friend recommends
*Rearrange furniture or layout in one room
*Light the ‘saving for a special occasion’ candle
*Start to take control of your finances
*Commit to using what you have without buying new
*Make a ‘post lockdown’ list of places you’d like to visit
*Pick up the phone and chat to a friend
*Do a wardrobe clearout
Have you more ideas to add? Any November Challenges you’d like to share? What do you love most about November?

Goodbye Personal Loan

The day has arrived….! I have the 2nd of my 3 consumer debts paid off! It brings me no end of joy to say goodbye forever to my Personal Loan, having made the final payment to clear it today.
I took out this Loan when I bought my house a few years ago. My mindset back then was ‘how much will they give me’, rather than ‘what do I need’. So, although I used a lot of the loan to buy things that were needed for the house, a LOT of it went on “things”. Things I didn’t need. So let me tell you, I’ve felt like a fool every month making those payments a few years later, after essentially wasting some of the loan.
Since paying off my Credit Card debt a few months ago, I’ve been throwing everything I could at this Loan to get it cleared before the end of the year. I’ll be honest, I made a really large payment today, and ideally would have split it over 2 paychecks, but I was so desperate to get this cleared!! The feeling to know that this is gone forever is way better than me splashing out in the Charlotte Tilbury 25% off sale that has been plaguing my dreams the past couple of nights!!!
I’ve showed you all how I’ve managed to pay down my debts, and I haven’t done anything outside of what I share in My Story or PayDay Routine (both in my highlights). I haven’t had to change my lifestyle too much, I’ve still lived, had holidays etc – the only difference is that my mindset to spending money has changed.
Believe me, I know how lucky I am to be able to continue to bring in an income to allow me do this. I’m grateful every day.