Choose your M.A.S.K.

Choose your M.A.S.K.
Mindset About Saving Kit
This is the must-have kit – suits all seasons, never goes out of style! Once you stock up on this kit, you’ll wonder why you ever went without!
In fact, this kit is so must-have, that you already have it! It just needs a recharging every now and then!

Details of what’s included in this life-changing kit:

Goal Record
Write down your Saving Goals and review them regularly

Ability to Automate
Automate your Savings – send your money where it needs to be, without having to manually take care of it

A Vision Board
Visualise ‘future you’ when you reach your saving goals – see yourself on that holiday, in the new house or getting through Christmas without incurring debt

Spot the Difference Game
Learn how to identify what is something you absolutely need, versus something that is just a want.

Savings Challenges
Turn your savings into a game! Challenge yourself to various savings targets by using or creating fun Savings Challenges

Progress Tracker
It really helps to track the progress you’re making towards a Saving Goal – the sense of achievement is motivation to keep going

Party Time
Celebrate those successes – halfway to a goal calls for a treat!

Bonus, Limited Offer!
3 Pack of ‘Before you Spend’ Flash Cards:
1.       Do I already have this/similar?
2.       Will something else go to waste if I buy this?
3.       Is this a planned Purchase?

Don’t delay, M.A.S.K. up today!

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