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**My One Foot in the Save Planner Bundle is now available for purchase**

Please follow the below link to bring you to my Etsy Shop where you can get my Weekly Meal Planner and Shopping List Bundle. This bundle will last you for a year and costs €12.

Planner Bundle

**New Product Announcement**⠀

Of all the steps I took to get my finances in order, Meal Planning has been the biggest help. Not only has it helped me cut down on costs, but it has allowed me to drastically reduce my food waste. I have a pattern for my Meal Planning each week:⠀
• Check what’s in my Fridge, Freezer & Pantry⠀
• Check Supermarket Special Offers⠀
• Make my Meal Choices⠀
• Write my Shopping List⠀

I thought of creating my own Meal Planner because I wanted it to be one that would work best for me. I wanted to have a Planner that would work well as both a Health & Spend Tracker too. So I did! I’m delighted to be able to show you all my new One Foot in the Save Meal Planner and Shopping List!⠀

On the Planner we have a space for each Day and each Meal. I’ve also included some Health Trackers to help us monitor our Water and Fruit & Veg intake. Then I have a section for Vitamins to mark off when vitamins or medication has been taken. Lastly for this section I’ve got a Step Count tracker. Monitoring all of these has really been helping me stay on track. Particularly helpful in reminding me to take my vitamins every day!⠀

The other section I’ve included is a Weekly Food Budget tracker. Here we can record our spend at the supermarket, butchers and so on. It has been helping me to avoid overspending on food, and keeping me honest when I overspend!⠀

Along with the Meal Planner, I created a Shopping List Notepad. Small enough to pop in your hand bag before heading to the shops. For a larger shop I’ve used both columns, but most often I use the left for the item and the right to remind me which shop has the best price for it that week! ⠀

I really hope you enjoy my new creations and that you’ll find them as useful as I have. Each tearaway notepad has 50 good quality pages and they’ll be sold as a bundle. I’ll be running a giveaway over the weekend before releasing them for sale next week!⠀

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