Vote For You!!

So today is Election Day in Ireland – a day where we cast our votes for our preferred candidate and/or party; with a new government to be formed in the coming days. Hopefully you all had the chance to research your local candidates and were able to (or have plans to) head to your polling station – every vote matters.

But what about taking a few more moments today and make the decision to give yourself a vote – invest in your future, put yourself as Number 1 😊 Let’s take a look at our manifesto!

💰Savings Scheme💰
Think about your wish-list for over the next year, or longer – it might be a holiday, Christmas, a house deposit or home renovation. Work out how much you can afford to set aside each month for your savings goals and set up auto transactions so you don’t have to think about it again – just let it build up.

😷Health Reform😷
They say your health is your wealth – and “they” are right. Look after your physical and mental health – we get one body and one mind.

💹Reduce Taxes💹
Ensure your taxes are in order, ensure you are claiming the credits you are entitled to. Contribute the max amount you can to your pension – it is 100% tax free (employer pension scheme).

🌎Environmental Policy🌎
Be aware of the world around you, and the impact your daily behaviour has on our lovely Earth. Reduce your food waste, reuse where possible and recycle, upcycle, use the bicycle!

📚Free Education📚
There is a world of information at our fingertips. Join your local library for books, ebooks, audiobooks and more. Take a look at free online education courses with the likes of Trinity College with FutureLearn or for a wide selection.

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