Advent Calendar for the Future

The word Advent is derived from the Latin word for Coming. It’s a time of preparation for great things to come. In recent years, it’s calendar representation has become common place in many homes. When I was growing up I would delight at the daily opening to see if the day was a shepherd, star or angel. Then it became normal to see chocolate Advent Calendars, and now they are available stocked with candles, make-up and even socks. I recently saw a Tiffany one unveiled which will set you back a nice €140,000 😮 

However tempting it may seem, and how much they are advertised as ‘must-haves’ these calendars are very often filled with small sizes of products you won’t use. I previously discussed how you would be better off using the money to buy full-size products of items you will actually use, and make a DIY calendar if required. But of course, it’s up to each of us how we wish to celebrate Advent, and on that note…I would like to share my plans for Advent with you.  

This year, I will be taking a literal approach to the meaning of Advent and using the time to prepare for what’s coming. I’m setting a goal for each day of Advent to prepare for my future Financial Independence. I’ll be taking the opportunity to use each day of December as daily maintenance towards my debt-free journey. Take a look at my ‘daily windows’ below and maybe try it for yourself. Either follow along with what I’m doing, or make your own tailored to your goals.

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