One Festive Foot in the Save

I know, I know!! The kids are only back to school, the sun is (kind of!) still shining….why did I just mention the “C word”… Well, the truth is that we only have 15 Saturdays between now and Christmas. Now, Christmas does not have to be an excuse to over-spend and over-indulge, but each of us will generally have additional costs over the festive period. 

Given that Christmas comes around every year, it’s possible that many of you already have savings plans worked out so that you can avoid the stress of additional debt in the New Year. But if you’re like I once was, and use up your December salary before the turkey’s even carved, along with the credit card funding the post-Christmas sales and the New Year festivities; let’s see if we can work on having a better financial cushion this year! 

Let’s see if we can avoid further debt and equally as importantly avoid a January of noodles and water… Let’s see if we can save an additional €450 by Christmas.  

What’s the Plan? 

So most Saturdays between now and December 21st put €25 into a Savings Account or if you deal with cash, put it an envelope at the back of a drawer. Then on the last Saturday of every month, double it to €50.  

so…12 weekly lodgements of €25 gives us €300 

and…3 monthly lodgements of €50 gives us €150 

That will give us a nice saving of €450 by the last Saturday before the Big Day! 

How can we do it? 

I know it’s easy to make these plans, but when we’re already paying our bills and already saving, where can we find the money for these extra savings for the next 15 weeks… Well, here’s some ideas below… 

  • Could you shave €25 off your weekly grocery budget?  
    • Work on Weekly Meal Planning – work in leftovers at least once a week 
    • Try have 1 or 2 non-meat days each week 
    • Switch to store brand items where possible 
    • Research the weekly offers in all of the supermarkets nearby  
    • Raid the freezer, fridge and pantry – use up what you have 
  • Have you any monthly subscriptions that you could (at least temporarily) stop paying? Maybe you’d be able to do without Netflix/Spotify/Amazon Prime for a few months? Have a look at your account and see where the recurring debits are – see if they are all a necessity 
  • If you’re not already doing so, make your lunches for work/college every day and stop buying takeaway coffees – these two could easily give you the €25 extra 
  • Can you switch nights out/restaurant meals to nights in? Have friends around for a casual meal, have date nights in, find free/cheap activities rather than expensive nights in the pub 
  • Could you supplement your income? 
    • Look around the house – have you anything that you could sell on Adverts/DoneDeal/Facebook Marketplace? 
    • Have you checked out my ‘Our Survey Says’ blog post – by doing online surveys you could add some gift cards to your extra Christmas cash 
  • Could you be making savings by switching providers for mobile/gas/electricity/tv etc? Check out my Making Moves blog post to see the possibilities 

If you fancy some extra cash for Christmas or the New Year, to avoid getting into debt, give it a try. I’m going to do it and will keep you all posted on how I get on. Let me know if you’re going to start!  

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