My Super Valu Voucher Challenge

I discovered that I had €7.50 worth of Super Valu Real Rewards vouchers to use so I set myself a challenge. I only recently downloaded the Real Rewards App to my phone and discovered that I had three money off vouchers totalling €7.50. I don’t currently do my big shop in Super Valu so was pleasantly surprised to see them. I decided to put that money to use by challenging myself to getting Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert – all from the €7.50!! 

My vouchers!

I was very successful in my challenge and was even able to sort breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert for the next day by using the leftovers! I did my prep work – checked what was on offer using their app and made a list. So these are the items I purchased, and the price for each. *Note that I purchased these items on September 7th.  

  • Whole Chicken: €3.00 
  • Bag of Baby Potatoes: 99c 
  • Bag of Carrots: 99c 
  • Turnip: 49c 
  • Cabbage: 49c 
  • Brown Soda Bread: €1.25 
  • Custard: 39c 

My total bill came to €7.60, so I only needed to contribute 10c! I’ll take that any day 😊 

My haul!

€7.50 for 2 days worth of meals – definitely helping my budget this week! Try it yourself!! 

Added an Egg (I already had) for Breakfast
Lovely Homemade Vegetable Soup for Lunch
Roast Chicken Dinner with all the Trimmings
My brother in law gifted us some rhubarb so paired this with the custard for a tasty treat
Just 10c added!!

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