Hi! I’m Emer and I’m the gal behind the popular Instagram account @onefootinthesave. My journey to Financial Independence started from a huge desire to stop wasting – money, food, things. I made small changes to my lifestyle to become Debt Free and I have been able to build a plan to enable me to retire early.

I work full time in the world of software and I also create and provide Meal Planning and Budgeting Tools for those who want to get on top of their finances. I previously felt that retiring early was never going to be possible for me, but with a mindset shift and a change in financial habits, I have now firmly set my sights on an early retirement and a fulfilled life! I live with my partner Damien (and our lovely cat Leo!) in the beautiful heritage town of Birr and we are very much on this journey together; looking forward to the days when we have full control over our own time.

My goal is to make the learnings of the Financial Independence Community accessible to all, and this site will be a great space to share tips, tricks and ideas!